Test with itouch

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Hadoop + GPU

I’m at a meetup talking about using GPU execution for hadoop.
Interesting papers are out there. But they talk about using CUDA Thrust.
It’s funny thrust was written and open sourced by NVIDIA, but an engineer from AMD who has to use it doesn’t recommend it.
Thrust is part of the existing CUDA tool chain. Some proved using cuda with jarapi, got 20x results better.
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Million Hoodie March

Between Madison Sq. Park and Union Sq. Park on Broadway, in response to Trevon Martin killing down in Florida.

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Sunset flatiron district


A beautiful sunset in flatiron district on one of the beautiful days of spring in NYC

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Occupy wall street in union sq.


It was occupy wall street (ows) in union square last week.

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Taken at Function(x) Inc.

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Tablets wars

So I was reading the article below (click link)

Microsoft/Nokia partnership paying off as developers eye Windows Phone

But the sum of it can be seen on this graph


And the interesting part of the article is the tablets, where they say that Amazon Kindle Fire edged out in interests vs Samsung Galaxy tablets.  Which poses the question, what happened to the Motorola Xoom?  Will Google discontinue the Xoom, or can Google save the tablet, to out do the iPad and potentially window tablets slated to come out next year?  I would not be surprised if HP and Dell put a lot of focus into the hardware of their tablets, leaving the os to be windows8.  Naturally, there will be a symbiotic relationship between Microsoft and Dell / HP, and any other hardware manufacturer focused on creating a tablet running windows 8.  Chances are, that’ll be Lenevo’s tablet, and possibly ASUS.  The release of a better tablet device running windows, we will most assuredly see Blackberry’s playbook and quite possibly their Smartphones, drop considerably more, to be over taken by Window smartphones and tablets.  The tablets make sense, where it’ll most likely be dominant in the work space, than the consumer space.  Makes considerable sense, most everyone on the work force, is using word, excel, powerpoint or some ms product on their desktop / laptop.  Of course the largest one, being outlook.  So it’d make sense for everyone to use a windows tablet, in the work environment.  Who wouldn’t want to be able to leave their desk, go out in the park and go over an excel / powerpoint / word documentation.  All right, the park was a bit of stretch, but most meetings now a days, you have the participants going over their smartphone now a days, and reading off a projected screen as well as a printed out hard-copy.  Wouldn’t it make far more sense to see it all over a windows tablet device, where you can make real-time edits to it, or slide a powerpoint deck to one person in the room instead of the entire room?

And with a windows tablet hooked right into the corporate work environment, why wouldn’t you use a windows mobile phone, that will be an extension as well?  You saw the commercial, or task lists dynamically being added by the person on opposite end.  The only thing I can see an issue w/ the windows mobile phone, is there needs to be a way to segment it, into a personal area and work area.  This way, if the phone is lost, you can essentially wipe the business end of it, and leave the personal alone, or if it’s the peson’s own device, why would they want it hook into the corp enviroment?  They’d just want to read emails, right?  Wrong, if you add the separation layer of a business/work area and personal area (like virtualized environments), you’d probably see quite a large number of people migrate to it.  But that’s assuming also, the iOS developers are able to easily convert their apps to run on the windows platform as well.  Let’s face it, people do want those apps (if it’s for personal reasons).  They’ll just hook their email into the corp environment and forget the other corporate apps that should be installed (Office Mobile, messenger, etc…).

It’s gonna take MS about 3 years to probably figure this all out.  But by then, Apple will probably have solved the whole no hardware, visual perception issue to where we’ll probably using the 5th revision of the iPad which will probably be a holographic tablet (similar to what you see in the Minority report).  It’s amazing how the tv and movies can sometimes affect how technology is created.  Which brings me to another point which I’ll post later on the week.  Why don’t tech companies hire entertainment writers / designers to come up with products?

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