A ChromeBox from Google?

Seeing this article recently:



Samsung seems to be releasing a ChromeBox Series 3.  It oddly resembles a mac-mini from the outside.  But that’s a different topic altogether.  With Samsungs soon to be release, the question bears, will Google be releasing a ChromeBox type of their own, through Motorola?  It would make sense for them, to try and push their motorola division, to create a chromebox type hardware, and “netbook”.  I mean, Motorola has already ventured into this foray, where their MOTO Aria can hook into a “dumb” book.  So why wouldn’t Google try and utilize something they’re already bought.  They have been trying to get into the “desktop” business for quite some time, but have failed miserably.  With the existing talent pool from Motorola, they should be able to leverage the existing hardware business w/ MotoMobility.  


The other option, embedd ChromeOS into the existing Motorola set-top boxes.  It’ll be almost no different from the GoogleTV, except in this case, users can get their own bluetooth or RF keyboard to connect to it.  A user can use the existing Set-top box w/ their TV as what ChromeOS was meant to be.  A transparent convergence between the Internet and the TV.  

My only hope is, that Google doesn’t butcher this by integrating Google+ with this, unless Google_ Hangouts is incorped w/ the box, where a WebCam is given for free, etc…

I have a logitech Revue GoogleTV w/ the Camera, and so far I have yet the ability to use hangouts with it.  Skype with Xbox Kinect integration will definitely be interesting to see.


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